Dr.Nivedita Mohanty is a well-known scholar of modern Indian history. An independent researcher, she is recognised today as an authority on Regional Studies and a front-ranking scholar on the subject of Oriya Identity. A PhD from Heidelberg University, Dr.Mohanty’s book, ‘Oriya Nationalism, Quest for a United Orissa (1866-1936)’, published originally as a part of the series on Indology by Heidelberg University has earned wide acclaim. Her other book, The Eloquent Silence published in 2006 provides a biographical sketch of the legendary artist BipinBehariChoudhury as well as an insight into the socio-political history of Orissa in the first half of the 20th Century. She and scholars from Germany and Orissa edited in 2013 two volumes on the history and culture of Orissa, Imaging Odisha, which is a pioneering and seminal work.